( Best ) Mira and Bhayander City Population 2021

Mira and Bhayander City Population 2021 Mira-Bhayandar which also abbreviated as ‘Mira-Bhaindar’ is a city and municipal corporation in Thane district in the state of Maharashtra, India located in the northern part of Salsette Island, and shares a border with North Mumbai. Mira-Bhayandar is a city in the State of  Maharashtra, India. It’s a municipal corporation … Read more

Mumbai Census 2011- [ Best ]

Mumbai Metropolitan Population 2011 – 2021 Mumbai Census 2011:-  As per data released by Govt. of India for Census 2011, Mumbai is an Urban Agglomeration coming under category of Mega City. Mumbai city is governed by Municipal Corporation and is situated in Mumbai Urban Region. The total population of Mumbai UA/Metropolitan region is 18,394,912. The male population … Read more